Nagengast .... oh yes, this name is more common than we think. This site is being developed by the Nagengast's that initially immigrated to New York City in the 1890's. My records show John Nagengast and sister Margaret aka MARGARET GAST.

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John and Anna (Limbach) Nagengast - A collection of pictures and documents.

John and Grace (Prior) Nagengast - A collection of pictures and documents

Country visit 2011 Anna (Nancy Murray)

Margaret Gast (Nagengast) ... Bicycle racing and was World Record holder by the year 1900. In the early 1900's Margaret Gast started Motor Dome racing .....

The Flying Merkel website now contains a story about her and, The American Motorcycle Girls book by Cristine Sommer Simmons devotes four pages to Margaret Gast.


12/15/2009 . . . . . Excuse some non functionality. The site is being rebuilt with family secure and public areas . . . As you see Ms. Gast web area is still in tact and accessible from this page.



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